Fallen (5/52)


"When I woke up this morning the trees didn't work
Birdsong had turned to gunfire,
and the stars were in the dirt
Snow feels like a heatwave,
sunshine feels like rain
If a feather touches my skin
it causes me pain
Come back! Come back, and make the world work again".

Jim Sturgess - Heartless

» Emma

Åh vad fint!

Svar: Tusen tack!! :)
Victoria Söderström

2013-12-15 // 22:18:37
» Emma

Åh vad fint!

Svar: Tusen tack :)
Victoria Söderström

2013-12-15 // 22:18:38
» maja

jättefint verkligen! och så bra idé

Svar: Tack snälla!! :)
Victoria Söderström

2014-01-08 // 13:40:40

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